Magazine Back Issues 2000-2004

Previous incarnations of the London Independent Photography Magazine date back to January 2000 and include LIPService and LIP Journal. Archived issues are downloadable below in PDF format. Acrobat Reader is required to view, to download the latest free version click here.

LIP Journal - Winter 2004
The Photography of Wolf Suschitsky - Julia Winckler
Photography in Britain since 1968 : Who Cares? - Bill Bishop
Altered spaces / Quiet Places - Angela Inglis and Peter Herbert
Harrow Group Show - Two Reviews - Christopher Morris and Gordon Raisin
Alan Mynett’s Pinhole Camera Workshop - Nancye Gault
Thoughts about Images - Edward Bowman
The City as Playground : the London Bike Messengers’ Community - Elisabeth Blanche
Download LIP Journal Winter 2004 (2MB PDF)
LIP Journal - Summer 2004
Tom Phillips Postcards - Jeanine Billington
Edweard Muybridge: Moving On - Jonathan Shaw
Photovoice - Miranda Gavin
Passengers - Richard Evans
Taking the High Road - Steve Gross
Coming to Terms with William Eggleston - Helen Burrow
Mick Williamson's Photo Diaries - Virginia Khuri
Nuns - Paoli De Giovanni
Download LIP Journal Summer 2004 (1.8MB PDF)
LIP Journal - Winter 2003/4
Shadow and Reflections - Jean Davey Winter
Cruel and Tender (review) - Jeanine Billington
Red Color News Soldier (review) - Matthew Barnett
Tracing the Past / Julia Winckler (interview) - Virginia Khuri
The Bandaging - Len Salem
Annual Exhibition Scrapbook
Cyanotype Processing - Scott Marshall
Download LIP Journal Winter 2003/4 (1MB PDF)
LIP Journal - Summer 2003
Landscapes - Jeanine Billington
A Mari Mahr Workshop - Roberto Leone
LIProfile: Yoke Matze - Virginia Khuri
Prefabulous - Elisabeth Blanchet
Photograms - Birgit Dalum
Exodus: Sebastião Salgado - Virginia Khuri
All Change - Angela Inglis
Download LIP Journal Summer 2003 (670KB PDF)
LIP Journal - Spring 2003
Shetland Images - Julie Wells
Working with Liquid Light - Yoke Matze
Mind the Gap: a Photo Essay - Lenny Jordan
Beyond Liking: A Liz Wells Workshop - Alan Mynett
Face: Peter Kennard Exhibition Review - Virginia Khuri
Bikers - Michael Crawford-Hick
Download LIP Journal Spring 2003 (650KB PDF)
LIP Journal - Winter 2002
Boxers - Mary Dunkin
New York Reflections - Lucy O'Meara
The Photograph as an Aide-Mémoire - Richard Sadler
The LIP 14th Annual Exhibition, ‘Untitled’
Photographers Gallery Christmas Book Choice
Hiroshi Sugimoto: the Architecture of Time - Michael Calvert
Three Chapters - Michael Calvert
Boris Mikhailov - Matthew Rake
Download LIP Journal Winter 2002 (600KB PDF)
LIP Journal - Autumn 2002
Review of Joy Gregory Workshop - Helen Griffiths
The Photographers’ Gallery Bookshop Choice - Laura Knight and Sarah Fordham
Review of Homer Sykes’ On The Road Again - Peter Marshall
Wonders of Photoshop - Leyla Hassan
Trees - Noël Kingsley
Laundry Day - Roberto Leone
A Field Trip to the Docklands - Gordon Raisin
Download LIP Journal Autumn 2002 (1.6MB PDF)
LIP Journal - Summer 2002
Remembering Jim Barron - Tony Mayne
LIP Annual Exhibition: Call for Prints - Avril R.Harris
About the LIP Website
Photographer’s Gallery Bookshop Choice - Sarah Fordham and Laura Knight
Review of Thomas Joshua Cooper’s Exhibition 'Settlement'
A Different Way of Seeing - Michael Colley
Edward Weston - A Carmel Legacy - Quentin Ball
Q Tip - Quentin Ball
Who Cares...? Photo Essay - Tina Stallard
LIProfile: Len Salem - Virginia Khuri
Amazon and Concerning Animals: review of exhibitions by John Blakemore Catherine Fehily and Paul Hill - Virginia Khuri
Mary Dunkin: Photoessay 20
Download LIP Journal Summer 2002 (2.9MB PDF)
Lip Journal - Spring 2002
Exhibitions Update - Avril R.Harris
LIP Members’ Exhibitions
Photographers’Gallery Bookshop Choice - Laura Noble and Sarah Fordham
Simply Vietnam - Bunshri Chandaria
Canyonlands: Images from the Exhibition (Quentin Ball - Michael Colley - Jennifer Hurstfield - Tony Wallis)
Plateaux - a critique of Canyonlands - Peter Jennings
Photography in the Community - Martin Figura
Constructing Images from a World of Fantasy - Vicki Smith
Italy! I love it - Brian Rybolt
QTip - Quentin Ball
Download LIP Journal Spring 2002 (1.7MB PDF)
LIP Journal - Winter 2001
Chair and Exhibition organizer’s reports - Quentin Ball and Avril Harris
“Images of Peace ” exhibition - Virginia Khuri
Qtip - Quentin Ball
Response to Avril Harris’ “Can of Worms ” - Edward Bowman
LIP Annual Exhibition “All Weathers ”
Photographers’Gallery Bookshop Choice - Laura Noble and Sarah Fordham
An Interview with Weegee - Richard Sadler
Impressions Steve Pyke Workshop - Janet Hall
Annie Halliday talk - Virginia Khuri
Study day “Out of Japan ” - Anne Crabbe
A Reflection of my Enthusiasm - Anne Pitkin
Download LIP Journal Winter 2001 (1.2MB PDF)
LIP Journal - September 2001
LIProfile: Jill Staples - Jennifer Hurstfield
INSCAPE: a potted history - William Bishop
Book reviews from The Photographers’ Gallery Bookshop - Laura Noble and Sarah Fordham
Landmarks: a review of Fay Godwin’s retrospective - Edward Bowman
PhotoEssay: pictures from Northern Lights
Brassai at the Hayward: a review - Jim Barron
Letter to the Editor - Into Colour? Andy Moye
Steven Poliakoff - Jennifer Hurstfield
The Sue Ryder Print Sale: a report - Peter Jennings & Carol Hudson
Opening a Can of Worms - Avril Harris
Download LIP Journal Sept. 2001 (4.8MB PDF)
Journal of London Independent Photography - May 2001
LIProfile: Carol Hudson - Clare Glenister
PhotoEssay: Jeanine Billington
Small is Beautiful: The Photo Book - Andy Moye
Eye on the Estuary: the Photographs of Jonathan Bayer - William Bishop
Download LIP Journal Spring 2001 (4.3MB PDF)
Journal of London Independent Photography - February 2001
LIProfile: Peter Jennings - Jennifer Hurstfield
Memory and Imagery - Gordon Raisin
Photo Essay: Anne Crabbe
Christian Siekmeier - Siobham Wall
Achemy: Review of Fay Godwin's exhibition - Janet Hall
Paul Trevor: A Personal Approach - Jenny Ford
Download LIP Journal Feb. 2001 (2MB PDF)
LIPService - November 2000
Blues in F8: a Photo Essay - Peter Jennings
LIProfile: Jim Barron - Clare Glenister
Photo Essay - Helen Griffiths
Countdown 2000 Scrapbook: impressions of LIP's major exhibition - Virginia Khuri
Paul Strand: an appreciation - Gordon Raisin
Thoughts on Number 9 (an appreciation of Quentin Ball's photoessay in LIPService, August 2000) - Randall Webb
Download LIP Journal Nov. 2000 (1.8MB PDF)
LIPService - August 2000
Paul Strand (1890 - 1976): Sixty Years of Photographs - Bryan Fairfax
In Reply to Peter (a response to Peter Jenning's article Sheds of Evidence, LIPService January 2000) - Matthew Rake
Coming to my Senses: a review of Eva-Maria Riegler's exhibition - Nancye Gault
The Wall: a poem - Joyce Fox
Snowdon's Peak: Lord Snowdon at the National Portrait Gallery - Peter Jennings
PhotoCine: bringing photography to the Big Screen - Jennifer Hurstfield
Number 9: a Photo Essay - Quentin Ball
LIProfile: Sam Tanner - Jennifer Hurstfield
Download LIP Journal Aug. 2000 (1.9MB PDF)
LIPService - April 2000
An interview with Fay Godwin - Jill Staples and Virginia Khuri
The Citibank Photography Prize 2000: a report
Seeing Things with Paul Kilsby - Nancye Gault
Buildings of the Millenium: Photo Essay by Avril Harris
Some Memorials: the Photo Essays of Mick Williamson - Siobhan Wall
LIProfile of Virginia Khuri - Clare Glenister
Susan Sontag's On Photography: an appreciation - Bryan Fairfax
Download LIP Journal Apr. 2000 (1.3MB PDF)
LIPService - January 2000
Sheds of Evidence - Peter Jennings
Countdown 2000: a progress report - Quentin Ball
Review of the LIP Exhibition, October 1999 - Tony Wallis
LIProfile of Janet Hall - Clare Glenister
Shootback: review of the exhibition - Gordon Raisin
Inventing Meanings - Sarah Thelwall
Bodies in Question: review of an exhibition of students of Paul Hill's MA course - Tony Mayne
Photography in Provence - Michael Crawford Hick
Download LIP Journal Jan. 2000 (1MB PDF)