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fLIP50: Future/Past

Image © Anna Lerner

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3. Editor’s Note
6. Frankie McAllister – UNLOCKED looking back, looking forward
16. Mieke Douglas – Developing a photographic style
18. Arun Misra interviews James Welling – photographer and artist
28. Future/Past themes
60. Colleen Rowe Harvey reviews “Strange Familiars”
64. Satellite Group – Photo and Text

Frankie McAllister is a London based photographer from Northern Ireland. Her practice sits on the fringes between fine art landscape and documentary photography, with a particular interest in altered landscapes and the influence of man on nature, most recently including constructed landscapes and abstracted realities.

Mieke Douglas is a Dutch and Canadian Fine Art Photographer, living in London. She is known for her atmospheric lighting and surreal perspectives. Her work is described as moody with an underlying sense of unease.

James Welling is an American photographer and artist. His works highlight the persistent tension in his photographs between abstraction and figuration, as well as his decades- long investigation of colour phenomena. He produces discrete series whose subject matter ranges widely and his works are united by an examination of what might be termed “states of being” produced by photographically derived images and how such states are, in turn, read by the viewer.

Arun Misra is a London based photographer. His works explore the magnitude of human experiences and ideas, inspired by time, space and the abstract and conceptual arts. He graduated from the University of Westminster’s MA in Photography Arts program in 2018.

Photo & Text Satellite Group Our thanks to the Photo & Text satellite group for their feature. To find out more about the group, contact Sabes Sugunasebesan:

With thanks also to: Frankie McAllister and Colleen Rowe Harvey for their contributions