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fLIP55: Urban

Image: Hady Bayoumi

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3. Editor’s Note
8. Astrid Schulz – Zone 4
14. Pauline Moon – Who’s Hackney?
42. Exhibition Review – Fishing for Clouds, Anna Lerner
46. LIP Members’ Day
50. Book Review – From the Photo-Diaries of Mick Williamson
58. Exhibition Review – Invisible Threads
56. Crouch End Satellite Group
58. Comment – Construction : Disclosure
59. Exhibition Review – A World in Common, Tate Modern

Astrid Schulz, a London based freelance photographer, specializes in portraiture and documentary photography. She works and exhibits internationally and one of her projects on handmade food in traditional communities is currently on display at the DOM Museum Wien (Vienna, Austria).

Pauline Moon lives in East London. Currently interested in the urban landscape: what traces reveal and hide about our social worlds, and looking for abstracts that seem to speak to current issues.

Anna Lerner is a Camden-based photographic artist. Playful in approach, she is drawn to natural light, transient moments, overlooked details, the unexpected and the surreal. Working intuitively, her practice is led by appreciation of the present and art in the everyday. instagram: @annalernerphotography

With thanks also to: Sonia Davda of Crouch End Group for her contribution.