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fLIP16: Leisure

Published July 2010Download this issue (7MB PDF)

04. Editor’s Note
05. Letter from Malaga
by Susanna Suovalkama
06. My Way: 24, 7, 17 by Anthony Carr
08. My Way: Gimbles in the wabe by Eric Perlberg
10. My Way: My journey with theatre by Monika Kita
12. My Way: Self-image by Catlin Harrison
14. Feature: Feet First by Tom Robinson (on cover)
20. Feature: Serpentine Swimmers by Celine Marchbank
23. Interview: Stephen Gill, Coming up for Air by Tiffany Jones
30. The Photograph that inspired me by Paul Hill
31. Theme: How we see Leisure
54. Articles: A year of Muybridge in Kingston and London
55. The Museum of London collection; The Commons (via Flickr)
56. Exposure: Self-publishing – does it equal happiness? by Hydar Dewachi
57. Web magazines you can get into
58. Third Floor Gallery steps up by Joni Karanka
59. Workshops & Talks: Upcoming LIP Events & Festival Events
60. Exhibitions: LIP 22nd Annual Exhibition: Call for Entries; Richard Billingham review by Jeanine Billington
61. Selected Exhibition Highlights
62. Members’ Exhibitions
62. Members’ Books: reviews by Frank Orthbandt; Festival: A View from the Crowd, Francis Minien
63. Northern Grace, Stefan Syrowatka
64. Photobook Recommendations by Laura Noble
66. Turning Point: Skegness Beach, Lincolnshire by Simon Roberts


Adam Parkes, Andrea Siegl, Anne-Marie Glasheen, Anthony Carr, Barry Reid, Bart Brownell, Catlin Harrison, Celine Marchbank, Eric Perlberg, Frank Orthbandt, Gary Alexander, Gordana Johnson, Hydar Dewachi, Isabel Albert, Jenny Burrows, Jonny Baker, Katherine Green, Krysia Opalinska, Laura Noble, Len Salem, Mark Adams, Marysia Lachowicz, Michael Whittington, Michail Passos, Monika Kita, Nick Scammell, Paul Hill, MBE, Paula Salischiker, Pete Webster, Roger Estop, Sabine Thole, Simon Roberts, Stefania Mizara, Susanna Suovalkama, Suzanne Harrison, Tom Robinson, Volker Schirp.

Editor Tiffany Jones
Associate Editors Jeanine Billington, Virginia Khuri
Design & Layout Martin Nicholls
Production Adviser Adrian Capps
Distribution Tim Crowe