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fLIP17: Movement

Published November 2010Download this issue (9MB PDF)

04. Editor’s Note
05. Letter from the Westway by Constantine Gras
06. My Way: Food keeps body and soul together by Astrid Schulz
08. My Way: Mibila Mothers by Mark Burton
10. My Way: Sand and water by Caroline Fraser
12. Feature: I’ll Die For You by Laura El-Tantawy
16. Feature: Kimology by Steven Richmond
24. Feature: testimonio by Simon Head
27. Feature: Breaking Form by Clare Park
30. The Photograph that inspired me by Peter Marshall
31. Theme: How we see MOVEMENT
54. Articles: Taker or maker: which are you? by Nick Scammell
55. What is the list in your head? Taking cues from Alec Soth for new ways of working by Tiffany Jones
56. Exposure: Shoot like a fly by Suzanne Harrison
58. Workshops & Talks: Upcoming LIP Events
59. Exhibitions: LIP 22nd Annual a success in Strand Gallery by John Stead, Mark Burton
60. Lisa Holden: I Won’t Be Your Mirror by Mary Pelletier
61. Selected Exhibition Highlights
62. Members’ Books: reviews by Frank Orthbandt;
Embracing life after cancer, Bunshri Chandaria
Seven Generations, Virginia Khuri
63. Out of my Head, Bill Jackson
64. Members Exhibitions
64. Photobook Recommendations by Laura Noble
66. Turning Point: A Mile from Zhang Jiang High Technology Park, Shanghai
by Hin Chua


Alicia Clarke, Amelia Anderson, Anita Strasser, Anne-Marie Glasheen, Astrid Schulz, Bunshri Chandaria, Caroline Fraser, Clare Park, Constantine Gras, Debbie Green, Frank Orthbandt, Georgina Craig-Harvey, Hal Calamvokis, Hin Chua, Holly Revell, Ida Pap, Jenny Burrows, Jonathan Goldberg, Laura El-Tantawy, Laura Noble, Luca di Filippo, Lucie Varekova, Marcus Papa, Mark Adams, Mark Burton, Marco Beslac, Mehrdad Azmin, Michael Whittington, Nick Scammell, Nigel Jarvis, Pete Webster, Peter Marshall, Popi Tsoukatou, Rich Bunce, Simon Head, Stefanie Reichelt, Stephen Brockerton, Steven Richmond, Susanne Hakuba, Suzanne Harrison, Tom Hurley.

Editor Tiffany Jones
Associate Editors Jeanine Billington, Virginia Khuri
Design & Layout Martin Nicholls
Distribution Tim Crowe