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fLIP21: Incognito

Published March 2012 – Download this issue (5MB PDF)

04. Editor’s Note
04. Letter from St Paul’s by Gary Cohen
06. My Way: Jeannie: The Unconscious Eye by Stefanie Reichelt
08. My Way: Marriage by Laura Dodsworth
10. Feature: The Anonymous by Monika Kita
12. Feature: Stolen Images by Juliet Ferguson
16. Feature: Dis-Ease by Brigitt Angst
20. Feature: unFACEful by Jiwon Kim
24. Feature: Touching Strangers by Richard Renaldi, Interview by Tiffany Jones
30. The Photograph that inspired me by Paul Lowe
31. Theme: How we see INCOGNITO
54. Article: The Streets of Havana by Jessica Arneback
56. Exposure: Singing Faces by Mark Hucks
58. Workshops & Events: Starting points for project editing by Tom Storr
59. Events
60. Exhibition Highlights
61. Members’ Exhibitions
62. Members’ Book Reviews by Frank Orthbandt:
Portrait on the Move, Sabine Thoele;
63. Photobook Recommendations by Laura Noble
66. Turning Point: Lunch at Manchester Sun and Air Club by Laura Pannack
Back cover image: Alicia Light


Alexander Williamson, Alicia Light, Andrew Mason, Brian David Stevens, Brigitt Angst, Camilla Crosland, Clive Power, David Solomons, Duncan Unsworth, Ernst Schlogelhofer, Ewa Lachowicz, Frank Orthbandt, Gary Cohen, Heather Shuker, Ingrid Newton, James Cashmore, Jean Penders, Jessica Arneback, Jiwon Kim, Juliet Ferguson, Laura Dodsworth, Laura Noble, Laura Pannack, Lucilla Nitto, Mark Hucks, Monika Kita, Nigel Tradewell, Peter Jennings, Rui Nunes, Sara Massaglia, Simon Johansson, Stefanie Reichelt, Stella Maranesi, Steve Philbey, Suzi Livingstone, Thierry Clech, Tom Storr

Editor Tiffany Jones
Associate Editors Jeanine Billington, Virginia Khuri
Distribution Tim Crowe