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fLIP24: Closer

Published March 2013 – Download this issue (5.5MB PDF)

04. Editor’s Note
04. Letter from New Denham Allotments by Ray Higginbottom
06. My Way: Roadkill by Mark Tamer
08. My Way: Meeting IBISS by Angelika Berndt
10. My Way: In Bed by Susanna Suovalkama
12. My Way: Unexposed by Jonathan Davies
14. Feature: Countrysign by Peter Jennings
18. Feature: Living Landscapes by Mandy Barker
22. Feature: Arrangements of the everyday by Stuart Robinson-Marshall
26. Feature: My Dakota by Rebecca Norris Webb; Interview by Tiffany Jones
32. The Photograph that inspired me by Christiane Monarchi
33. Theme: How we see CLOSER
54. Article: Getting closer to photography by Tom Storr
56. Workshops & Events: Upcoming LIP Workshops
56. Exposure: New creative markets by Emma Marshall
57. Workshops & Events
Review: Simple structures for handmade photobooks by Eileen Rafferty
58. Members’ Exhibitions: NOVEMBER by John Levett
60. Exhibition Highlights
62. Members’ Book Reviews by Frank Orthbandt:
Excalibur, by Anne-Marie Glasheen; What Remains by Sam Tanner; WUD Edited by Michael Curran
64. Photobook Recommendations by Laura Noble
66. Turning Point: Naoshima, Japan, 2008 by Andrew Youngson
Back cover image: Jana Schlenkrich


Adrian Capps, Andrew Youngson, Andres Pantoja, Angelika Berndt, Astrid Schulz, Caroline Fraser, Christiane Monarchi, Duncan Unsworth, Edward Bowman, Eileen Rafferty, Emma Marshall, Frank Orthbandt, Gerry Atkinson, Hamish Stewart, Heather Shuker, Jana Schlenkrich, Jonathan Davies, Krystina Stimakovits, Laura Noble, Mandy Barker, Mark Adams, Mark Tamer, Marta Ivanova, Nigel Jarvis, Peter Jennings, Ray Higginbottom, Roland Ramanan, Stuart Robinson-Marshall, Susanna Suovalkama, Tim Topple, Tom Storr, Tom Farmer

Editor Tiffany Jones
Associate Editors Chris Moxey
Issue Assistance Emma Marshall, Ingrid Newton