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fLIP28: Vintage

fLIP28: Vintage

Published July 2014Download this issue (11MB PDF)

04. Editor’s Note
04. Letter from the South West by Quentin Ball
06. My Way: The Jubilee Pool by Angela Ford
08. My Way: Jolly Corners by Peter Jennings
10. My Way: Heroes & Villains by Alexandro Pelaez
12. Feature: To go to the window by Kate Wentworth
20. Feature: 145 Nights by Daniel Keys
24. In focus: Daniel Blau; Interview by Frank Orthbandt
32. The Photograph that inspired me by Elisabeth Blanchet
31. Theme: How we see VINTAGE
56. Exposure: Now and Then by Lynne Collins; Meaning and Imagination and the notion of Naivity in Art: Stefanie Reichelt reflects on Paul Hill’s Hot and Cool Workshop; My Kodachrome Life by Chris Moxey
61. Exhibition Highlights
61. Members’ Exhibitions
62. Non-Members’ Exhibitions
62. Members’ Books by Frank Orthbandt:
Home by Anne-Marie Glasheen;
Outer Space by Andy Preston
64. Photobook Recommendations by Laura Noble
66. Turning Point: A series of incidents and opportunities by Mateusz Sarello
Back cover image: Steven Chandler


Adrian Capps, Angela Ford, Anne Crabbe, Alexandro Palaez, Anthony Carr, Anthony Tyley, Brigitte Flock,Camilla Broadbent, Chris Brock, Chris Moxey, Clara Turchi, Daniel Keys, Elisabeth Blanchet, Ernst Schlogelhofer, Estelle Vincent, Gary Cohen, Jean Penders, Kate Wentworth, Laura Noble, Lyndon Baker, Lynne Collins, Peter Jennings, Quentin Ball, Richard Conolly, Simon Butcher, Stefanie Reichelt, Steven Chandler, Terry Prudente, Tom Gifford, Virginia Khuri, William Castellana

Editor Frank Orthbandt
Assistant Editor Chris Moxey
Contributing Editors Ingrid Newton
Layout Artist: Vikki Ellis