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fLIP29: Conflict

fLIP 29: Conflict

Published November 2014Download this issue (4MB PDF)

04. Editor’s Note
04. Letter from Mexico by Laura Arrieta
06. My Way: Past Tense by Edward Bowman
08. My Way: Fractured Lives by Judith Jones
10. My Way: How I met Jerome and Bonita by Gerry Atkinson
12. Feature: In Avoidance of Conflict by Tamsin Green
20. In focus: Emeric Lhuisset; Interview by Frank Orthbandt
30. The Photograph that inspired me by Kate Kirkwood
31. Theme: How we see CONFLICT
54. Exposure:
55. Members’ Exhbitions
56. Exhibition Highlights
58. Members’ Books by Frank Orthbandt
64. Photobook Recommendations by Laura Noble
66. Turning Point: A series of incidents and opportunities by Katrina Kepule
Back cover image: Karen Pringsheim


Madiha Abdo, Gerry Atkinson, Laura Arrieta, Edward Bowman, Anne Clements, Lynne Collins, Vikki Ellis, Simone Fisher, Tim George, Andy Greaves, Tamsin Green, Arron Hansford, Judith Jones, Katrina Kepule, Daniel Keys, Kate Kirkwood, Anna Lerner, Peter Luck, Barney McCann, Alan McQuillan, Ray Malcolm, Nicola Jayne Maskrey, Laura Noble, Clare Park MA RCA, Jim Paterson, Karin Pringsheim, Terry Prudente, Krystina Stimakovits, Patricia Ziad

Editor Frank Orthbandt
Assistant Editor Chris Moxey
Contributing Editors Ingrid Newton
Layout Artist: Vikki Ellis