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fLIP31: Neighbourhood

fLIP31: Neighbourhood

Published July 2015Download this issue (3MB PDF)

04. Editor’s Note
04. Letter from Krakow by David Gibson
06. My Way: Bello Market by Benjamin Szabo
08. My Way: Stoke Newington Portraits by Emma Marshall
10. My Way: Unfinished Houses by Raphael Shutzer-Weissmann
12. Feature: The Limitless City by Romeo
18. Feature: Pyla/Pyle: The Gateway 10 years on by Mike Kear
24. In focus: Jasper Walter Bastian; Interview by Frank Orthbandt
32. The Photograph that inspired me by Alison McCauley
33. Theme: How we see NEIGHBOURHOOD
56. Exposure
59. Exhibition Highlights
61. Members’ Exhibitions
63. Workshop
64. Members’ Books
66. Turning Point: by Giulio Magnifico
Back cover image: Tom Gifford


Eva Bachmann, Gwen Campbell, Anne Clements, Mike Cookson, CJ Crosland, Jan Cylwik, Tom Elkins, Steve Ferrier, David Gibson, Tom Gifford, Mike Kear, Daniel Keys, Rob Langley, Peter Luck, Giulio Magnifico, Emma Marshall, Nicola Jayne Maskrey, Alison McCauley, Jim Paterson, Romeo, Ernst Schlogelhofer, Astrid Schulz, Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann, Carlos Segundo Granados, Benjamin Szabo, The Collective.

Editor Frank Orthbandt
Assistant Editor Chris Moxey
Contributing Editor Ingrid Newton
Artwork and Layout Sharon McClure