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fLIP35: On the Streets

fLIP35: On the Streets

Published November 2016 – Cover image: Maggie Railton
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04. Editor’s Note
04. Letter from Bondi Beach by Katie Waggett
06. My Way: Johannesburg – On the Move by Rashida Mangera
08. My Way: Static Tensions by Oliver Raschka
10. My Way: On Not Being a Street Photographer by Peter Luck
12. Feature: Through a Glass Darkly by Nick Turpin
16. Feature: Made in Chengdu by Larry Hallegua
22. In focus: Birds Eye View; Interviews by Chris Moxey
32. The Photograph that inspired me by Jason Reed
33. Theme: How we see ON THE STREETS
56. Articles: Streets on a Shoestring by Dann Ginn
60. Exhibition Highlights
61. LIP Matters
62. Members’ Books
66. Turning Point: by Ewa Priester


Gerry Atkinson, Dominic Bugatto, Never Edit, Miguel Fonta, Roger Ford, Dan Gaba, Dan Ginn, Andy Greaves, Larry Hallegua, Mira Joshi, Simon Kisner, Danilo Leonardi, Peter Luck, Sean McDonnell, Ray Malcolm, Rashida Mangera, Ramir Oliveira, Shah Toufiqur Rahman Ovi, Maggie Railton, and Oliver Raschka, Jason Reed, Paul Russell, Ernst Schlogelhofer, Nick Turpin, Katie Waggett, David Wilson, Christiane Zschommler, and Benjamin Szabo.

Editor Frank Orthbandt
Assistant Editor Chris Moxey
Contributing Editor Ingrid Newton