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fLIP36: Reflections

Published March 2017 – Cover image: Dmitry Stepanenko
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04. Editor’s Note
04. Letter from London’s Railway Arches by Ted Kinsey
06. My Way: Fairways by Mandy Williams
08. My Way: Reflections: My Perspective by Kathryn Alkins
10. My Way: Finding Images, Creating Worlds by u.lula-collective
12. Feature: Church by Peter Jennings
16. Feature: Heavy Colour by Dmitry Stepanenko
22. In Focus: Michal Iwanowski; Interview by Frank Orthbandt
32. The Photograph that inspired me by Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen
33. Theme: How we see REFLECTIONS
56. Articles: Great Old Days: into the American Rustbelt by Frank Orthbandt
59. Exhibition Highlights
62. Books Reviews
66. Turning Point: by Onur Girit


Kathryn Alkins, Gerry Atkinson, Quentin Ball, John Chappelow, CJ Crosland, Angela Ford, Onur Girit, Alex Ingram, Michal Iwanowski, Peter Jennings, Md. Enamul Kabir, Ted Kinsey, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Terence Lane, Danilo Leonardi, Anna Lerner, Daniel Loveday, Barbara Luckhurst, Yoke Matze, David Reed, Sandra Roberts, Behzad Sharouz, Dmitry Stepanenko, Edith Templeton, u.lula-collective, Katie Waggett, Mandy Williams, Andrew Wilson

Editor Frank Orthbandt
Assistant Editor Chris Moxey
Contributing Editor Ingrid Newton