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fLIP38: Urban

Published November 2017 – Cover image: Dominic Teagle Download this issue

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04. Editor’s Note
04. Letter from Brighton by Juliana Mulvany
06. My Way: A Psychogeographical Encounter by Allan Grainger
08. My Way: The Leaway by Anthony Palmer
10. My Way: E=mc2 by Nai-Wen Hsu
12. Feature: Using Photographic Research by Anita Strasser
16. Feature: Marshland by Tanya Houghton
22. In Focus: Edward Hillel Interview by Susan Hansen
32. The Photograph that inspired me by Brian David Stevens
33. Theme: How we see Urban Spaces
56. Articles: What is Urban Photography by Paul Halliday
58. Articles: Architecture & Photography by Peter Luck
60. Exhibition Highlights
62. Members’ Exhibitions & Book Review
64. LIP members go to summer school by Gill Golding
66. Turning Point: by Jessie Martin


Pamela Aminou, Marco Caterini, Antonio Chiorazzo, CJ Crosland, Amanda Eatwell, Steve Ferrier, Michael Frank, Tom Gifford, Gill Golding, Allan Grainger, Debbie Green, Mo Greig, Paul Halliday, Susan Hansen, Tanya Houghton, Nai-Wen Hsu, Stephen Leslie, Bas Losekoot, Peter Luck, Jessie Martin, Juliana Mulvany, Anthony Palmer, Yanina Shevchenko, Brian David Stevens, Krystina Stimakovits, Anita Strasser, Sabes Sagunabesan, Dominic Teagle, Edith Templeton and Daniela White.

Editor Frank Orthbandt
Assistant Editor Chris Moxey
Contributing Editor Ingrid Newton