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fLIP39: Memories

Published April 2018 – Cover image: Jo Stapleton. Download this issue

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04. Editor’s Note
06. Feature: Photographers’ Places by Peter Jennings
12. Feature: Memory by Klara Cservenka
14. Feature: Memory by Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann
18. Feature: Memory by Fred Kavalier
22. Feature: Having a Whale of a time by Ingrid Newton
26-58.Theme Memories
59. Backflip:
60. Exhibition Highlights
64. Events, Books


Kevin Newman, Mandy Williams, CJ Crosland, Astrid Schulz, Peter Haxton, Mike Cookson, Clare Park, Anne Crabbe, Anita Chandra, Julien Faury-Ramoin, Jo Stapleton, Warwick Hemmingway, Sandra Roberts, Debbie Green, Ashley Comer, Peter Jennings, Lizzie Brown, Klara Cservenka, Fred Kavalier, Raphael Schützer-Weissmann, Ingrid Newton, Amanda Eatwell,

Editor Amanda Eatwell
Contributing Editor Ingrid Newton
Editorial Assistance Kevin Newman
Artwork and Layout Anita Chandra