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fLIP40: Nomadic

Published August 2018 – Cover image: Amy Luo Download this issue

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03. Editor’s Note
06. Feature: Till we meet again by Amy Luo
12. Feature: Afghanistan by Gwen Campbell
16. Feature: Fear and Now by Héloïse Bergman
16. Feature: Leisure by Dineke Versluis
24. Feature: A home from home by Amanda Eatwell
28. Feature: My Kingdom by Anita Chandra
32. Satellite Group: Putney
34. Gallery: How we see nomadic
52. Exhibition Highlights
56. Exhibition Review
59. Book Review
60. LIP members: events, workshops, exhibitions


Features: Héloïse Bergman, Gwen Campbell, Anita Chandra, Amanda Eatwell, Amy Luo, Dineke Versluis.
Gallery: Tim Butcher, William Christie, CJ Crosland, Anne-Marie Glasheen, Peter Haxton, Clare Park, Terence Prudente, Ernst Schlogelhofer, Jo Stapleton.
Backflip: Lizzie Brown, Krasimira Butseva, Barry Cole, Andrew Wilson, Mal Woolford.

Editor Amanda Eatwell
Deputy Editor Tim Butcher
Contributing Editor Ingrid Newton
Artwork and Layout Anita Chandra