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fLIP42: Belonging

Published April 2019 – Front Cover Image Graham Bridgeman-Clarke. Download this issue

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02. Editor’s Note
06. Feature: Gillett Square by Roland Ramanan
12. Feature: Activities for older people in the Borough of Ealing by Brigitte Flock
14. Feature: London Pride 2018 by C J Crosland
18. Feature: Climate Strike by Terence Lane
20. Feature: The Holy Swim Club by Francis Minie
22. Feature: Saint George’s Festival, Lalibela, Ethiopia by Francesco Marchetti
30. Feature: Hiraeth – A sense of belonging by Kathryn Alkins
32. Feature: Women in Photography: An interview with Laura Noble
34. Gallery: Belonging
54. Exhibition Highlights
58. Book Review
59. Exhibition Review
59. LIP members: events, workshops, exhibitions
58. Book Review
62. Satellite Group: Crouch End


Roland Ramanan
Roland is a teacher and musician based in London. He developed a passion for photography around 2010, initially through street photography. His main ongoing work is a long term documentary project on a vulnerable group of people who gravitate towards a corner of east London called Gillett Square.

Brigitte Flock
The images were taken as part of a personal project in my local borough, looking at ways older people can participate in and enjoy a variety of activities and how these help to fight isolation, creating communities and a sense of belonging. The project was a departure from my usual focus on urban and industrial landscapes.

CJ Crosland
CJ Crosland is a self-taught artist and street photographer. These images are from their current project “Fishing With Dynamite”, a series of flash street photography. The second zine from this series “ZEST” is out now.

Terence Lane
Terence Lane is a self-taught photographer based in Sherwood Forest. Areas of interest include the urban and rural landscape – sometimes responding to the formal aspects of design placed within or growing out of a landscape, at other times attempting to make some sense of the apparent organised chaos in nature.

Francis Minien MA ARPS
Our world is not perfect, but it is beautiful and there is beauty in the everyday. I seek the extraordinary in the everyday, the abstract in the actual. I live, travel and explore my everyday world and capture what I see as the essence of our imperfect world.

Francesco Marchetti
Francesco Marchetti is an Italian living and working in London. He is interested in street and documentary photography, and has recently completed a short course in Reportage Photography at the London College of Communication.

Kathryn Alkins
I have lived in London most of my life but I grew up in North Wales and continue my association with the area. I bought my first digital camera five years ago and have since worked to improve my photography. I am currently enjoying exploring I.C.M. to convey mood and atmosphere in familiar settings.

Crouch End Satellite Group
Our thanks to the Crouch End Satellite Group for their feature. To find out more about the group contact
Eva Turrell at:

Our thanks to: Christopher Burke, Chris Moxey, Quentin Ball and Krystina Stimakovits for their contributions.


Nick Blackburn
Nick is a person of age who has recently started an OCA photography degree, largely in order to photograph the subjects he has avoided for years.

Graham Bridgeman-Clarke
I am self-taught and draw inspiration from Paul Hill’s & Maria Falconer’s workshops. I keep my images simple with little post processing, mostly using available light. I enjoy taking portraits and find approaching strangers easy.

Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown is a London based artist who uses photography as her primary medium. She works collaboratively, interacting with her subjects to create images and gather text often included in her work. She studied art at Cambridge Tech and an MA in photography at De Montfort University.

Christopher Burke
I came to photography late, via a BA in Fine Art, St Martin’s College of Art. I attended summer school at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, with CUCR, which helped define what kind of photography I was practising. It was a happy coincidence that the photos I took at Folkestone on Remembrance Day 2018 were singularly apt for this subject.

Gianluca Calise
He is an Italian photographer. Often working in medium and large format, he developed a personal narrative style by combining landscape and street photography. He loves representing social issues in long-term projects, some of them have been published and exhibited internationally.

Mike Cookson
Mike is a London based photographic artist. His work explores his affinity with the exploration of change, transition and the passage of time. He has an MA in Photographic Arts from the University of Westminster.

Sarah-Jane Field
Sarah-Jane Field is a corporate and family portrait photographer working in and around London.
She also studies with the Open College of the Arts and currently explores questions surrounding language and voice especially in relation to technology.

Ray Knox
Ray is a London-based photographer, specialising in portraiture and social documentary.He studied Graphic Design at the University of Ulster and has worked as an advertising art director for over 25 years.

Danilo Leonardi
Danilo Leonardi is a London-based photographer and videographer whose workflow is both digital and analogue. He specialises in the photography of architecture and interiors, events and, video.

Sally Lyall Grant
Sally lives in Camden and is a member of both Central and Shoreditch LIP satellite groups. She is interested in documentary photography at home and abroad. Recent projects include demonstrations, squatting communities, street art and architecture in the city of Fes, Morocco.

Terry Prudente
Terry Prudente is a Londoner and former creative director. In urban photography he looks for images where people, places and objects come together in intriguing juxtapositions – when everyday situations can appear extraordinary. He occasionally gets one.

Geraint Roberts
I’m a freelance photographer and for ‘work’ I’m usually taking headshots and covering events. When I’m not doing that, I’m still a photographer, often using my old Nikon D3200 as my carrying about camera. I try to get a few pictures every day of whatever catches my eye.

Sandra Roberts
Sandra Roberts is an outdoor photographer who enjoys documenting the changing and different environments around her. Her urban photography captures the fleeting moments when people pass her by or the found pictures of moments of interest that catches her eye.

Marco Ruggeri
Marco Ruggeri is a London based amateur photographer. His passion for travel photography recently took him to Cuba, visiting a school’s amateur boxing club in Havana, where this image was captured. Another image from this series was presented at a recent LIP exhibition, organised by the Crouch End Satellite Group.

Len Salem
Len’s photography is more about how he feels and responds to a subject than documenting it. He works more often within the framework of a project rather than in single images and sometimes uses text as an integral part of the work. He is always prepared to diverge from both these approaches and tries to keep an open mind on the best way to present a new idea.

Robin Segulem
Robin is an enthusiastic photographer of the built environment.

Jo Stapleton
Jo Stapleton is a Hertfordshire based film photographer and darkroom adventurer, with an interest in constructed realities photography and alternative processes.

Anita Strasser
Anita Strasser is an urban photographer / visual sociologist based in south-east London. She’s got a Master’s in Photography and Urban Cultures and is currently doing a PhD in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths. Her work focuses on the everyday life practices of urban communities and mountain folk.

Ann Ulrick
Ann particularly enjoys taking photographs of natural landscapes, wildlife and community events. A recent project documented a charity’s activity weekend for refugee children in Lavrion, Greece.

Editor Amanda Eatwell
Deputy Editor Tim Butcher
Contributing Editor Ingrid Newton
Artwork and Layout Anita Chandra