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fLIP45: Wild

Photo © Ali Moosavi

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02. Editor’s Note

08. Feature: Sciryuda by Terence Lane
16. Feature: Trespassing by Dineke Versluis
26. Feature: An interview with Greg Funnell Amanda Eatwell
42. Feature: A Senseless Kill by Anita Chandra:
50. Exhibition highlights:
57: Book Review:
59: Exhibition review:
60. Satellite Group: Greenwich


Anita Chandra is a London-based photographer. Her work has been exhibited in exhibitions in various galleries throughout London and also the US. She works as a creative director in the design industry.

Amanda Eatwell is a freelance photographer specialising in people and place. She is currently working on a long-term project, 4 x 4 x 4 which sees her travel in four directions, at four distances, by four modes of transport. Read about it here

Terence Lane is a self-taught photographer based in Sherwood Forest. Areas of interest include the urban and rural landscape: sometimes responding to the formal aspects of design placed within, or growing out of a landscape, at other times attempting to make some sense of the apparent organised chaos in nature.

Dineke Versluis is a Rotterdam-based photographer who is interested in the boundary between the public and the private self and turns a documentary lens on how people live, work and spend their leisure time. Instagram:


Greenwich Satellite Group
Our thanks to Greenwich Satellite Group and Alan Larsen for their feature. To find out more about the group contact Barry Cole

Our thanks also to Tim Butcher for his contribution.


Kathryn Alkins lives in London but frequently visits North Wales. She is interested in a variety of styles of photography, but always returns to landscape, where she is currently enjoying exploring I.C.M. to convey mood and atmosphere.

CJ Crossland is a self-taught photographer who became hooked on street photography in 2010. “I’m inspired by whatever experiences life brings, seeking to capture my intense and complex individual experience. The image featured comes from my latest project using Instax”.

Mieke Douglas is an award-winning Fine Art Photographer, based in London. Her work questions our relationship with the natural world by exploring concepts of distance and intimacy. Her images strip down the unnecessary and focus on simple lines and moments of movement and stillness.

Jacqueline Ennis-Cole graduated from Kingston University in January 2020 with an MA in Photography. The photographs featured are quiet reflections of her journey through the landscape of Nottingham. The River Trent has been particularly impacted by the recent flooding of her banks.

Warwick Hemingway is based in London, working in the Architectural profession. He is a keen travel and architectural photographer and especially enjoys the challenge of street photography.

Gordana Johnson took up photography as a teenager. Her interest was mainly portraiture which brought her first awards. Her photographic repertoire has increased greatly since then. Through her photography she says not only about the world around her but also about herself.

Steve Jones is a former accountant and urban photographer engaging with the world as he finds it. He works with both digital and analogue media, and is a recent graduate of Goldsmith’s Photography and Urban Cultures MA programme.

Alan Larsen enjoys exploring and documenting the world around him through his images. In his natural landscapes he strives to capture the mood and emotion of the moment: what he feels as well as what he sees.

Joseph Lockley is a 24-year-old writer and freelance photographer with a penchant for the spontaneous realism of street photography. Originally from Birmingham, he recently relocated to London to pursue inspiration and aspiration alike.

Beverley Nelson took her featured images at the annual London Tattoo Convention. As a portrait photographer the use of the body as a canvas holds an ongoing fascination for her. She works with both digital and film. Instagram: NelsonLeePhotography

Ali Moosavi has been experimenting with film and digital techniques, trying to widen his knowledge of the art. His latest photography interests have been pinhole, out of date 35mm film, and iPhone photography playing with reflections.
Instagram: amj__1975

Marco Ruggeri is a London based amateur photographer. He is drawn to abstract and most recently street photography, and shoots predominantly in black & white, where his true passion lies. His love of travel took him to Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania, where the featured image was captured. Instagram: @marco_ruggeri2019

Edith Templeton is a London based photographer, originally from Scotland. Her work is varied but the sea in all its moods is a recurrent theme.
Instagram @etempleton96

Sabes Sugunasabesan is a photographic artist. He is interested in the interface between spaces: land/city/home/sites of events: psychology and history. “A place can trigger a memory, arouse intrigue or align with your state of mind”.
Instagram: sabessuguna