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fLIP52: The Other Side of….

© Chris Bellinger

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3. Editor’s Note
8. Remembering John Levett
20. Gwen Campbell – Afghan Women
26. Arun Misra interviews Rinko Kawauchi
58. Documentary Photography after the Book of Veles
60. Book Review – The Mindful Photographer, Sophie Howarth
62. Book Review – Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes, Angelika Berndt

Anita Strasser is an urban photographer / visual sociologist based in south-east London, researching urban communities, regeneration and resistance. She’s interested in participatory arts and research practice, community photography and the social benefits of working collaboratively.

Gwen Campbell had been taking photographs since the 1970’s using her lens to showcase unique aspects of a diverse range of people and locations on her travels around Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Her work focuses on landscapes and people, often captivating the audience with her viewpoint of different cultures and horizons, using either analogue or digital cameras, or smartphones. Very sadly, since submitting these images, Gwen has died. More of her work can be found here:

Rinko Kawauchi is a celebrated Contemporary photographer, known for her poetic depictions of everyday life, soft palette, and carefully edited photo books. Her work is characterized by a serene, poetic style, depicting the ordinary moments in life. Born in Shinga, Japan, she went on to study photography and graphic design at the Seian University of Art and Design, graduating in 1993.

Arun Misra is a London based photographer. His works explore the magnitude of human experiences and ideas, inspired by time, space and the abstract and conceptual arts. He graduated from the University of Westminster’s MA in Photography Arts program in 2018. Arun is the Editor, fLIP and fLIP INSIGHTS and the recipient of Daylight FORMAT portfolio award 2021.

Sean McDonnell a south Londoner by birth, is actually pre-occupied with the West End and spends too much time there taking photographs. His latest projects have become a reflection on urban life over the last seven years: from city centres around Europe in the refugee crisis to the streets of west London during the pandemic. @streets2sean

Amanda Eatwell
is a photographer, specialising in people and place. She writes anecdotal musings around her ongoing project 4 x 4 x 4 via a blog which can be found on her website.

Tony Othen is a photographer best known for his longstanding work with charities around England; he is also the owner of The Greenwich Gallery and longstanding host of the Greenwich LIP satellite group.

With thanks also to: Jo Stapleton for her contribution.