Magazine Submission Guidelines

We encourage submissions of photographic series and outstanding single images. The following details are to give general guidance for preparing your submission:

Theme Submission In each issue we publish images that show your individual expression on a pre-selected theme. Send up to 10 images along with a brief text (up to 150 words) explaining your perspective on the theme (see below). Single or a small number of images are welcome.

Open Subject Series submissions A personal series of work which may still be in progress but is tightly edited and clearly demonstrates your project idea. Images (4 to 10) should be accompanied by a personal statement or significant text.

Articles and reviews We welcome member's explorative pieces on any contemporary photographic topic, including reviews of books and exhibitions, particularly by members. Please email us a brief outline of your idea or proposal.

Other ideas If you would like to contribute to the magazine in another way please email us with a brief summary of your proposal.

Copyright Your must ensure that you have the copyright of all material you submit for publication in fLIP. We will assume that you have given consent for publication of any material submitted.

PLEASE NOTE: Selection for publication is weighted towards Theme submissions and to members of London Independent Photography. However these factors do not guarantee your work will be selected for publication. Please bear in mind that selection is based not only on the merits of individual images but also how they work together with other images and written work to create a strong overall concept. Submitted work will be published solely at the Editors' discretion. We cannot be held responsible for incomplete or incorrectly formatted submissions or for those received after the submission deadline. Although we make every effort to communicate with all who submit, we regret that due to time constraints this is not always possible.


Deadlines and Themes

Winter 2021 ISSUE:

early APRIL, early AUGUST, early DECEMBER

How to Submit

Submissions are now accepted online.


If your upload is incomplete or files incorrectly named, we may not receive them or they could be discarded.

Ensure that you enter your email address corectly, otherwise we will be unable to get back in contact with you and accept your images for publication

Should your work be accepted for publication, you will be asked to supply high-resolution AdobeRGB files at 300dpi, so please keep those files to hand!

If you have any queries about this procedure or about image preparation, please contact us.

Ready to submit?

Check that you have the following ready:

- Up to 10 .jpg images to upload

- Sized 900 pixels on the longest side

- 72dpi, up to 600k maximum file size

- No watermarks or logos on images

- Files named in the following format: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_01.jpg, FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_02.jpg, etc

- Have any accompanying text ready