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16th December: Greenwich Satellite Group Meeting

Looking for Christmas cheer? Don’t turn up for this then! You’ll get more fun Saturday afternoon shopping in Asda. Misery starts at 7, passes through anomie, total alienation by 9. Meeting at Viewfinder Gallery. Here’s the map. For further details contact John Levett 01223 521058

Committee Update – Meeting 25/11/08

Hello to you all. As the new chair, I’ve been asked by members to have a regular report from the committee, so here it is. With each of these updates, I’ll summarise the main points raised at each meeting. Treasurer’s Report As well as providing the report, the issue of on-line payments was raised. Len […]

25th November: Meeting of New Satellite Group in Acton

The Acton satellite group will be having its first meeting on Tuesday 25th November. This is a new forum to provide constructive discussion and feedback on your photographs. Please bring any current or completed work. This will also be a chance to talk about what people would like to get from the group, over a […]

18th November: Greenwich Satellite Group Meeting

Our last meetup was so stunningly wonderful it’s worth chancing our arm & having another. So … here it is, full of the usual measure of elation, transcendence, anger, disappointment, incomparability, matchlessness, despair, anguish, melancholy, Christmas gifts. The usual as usual: bring something or sit and watch or both; one pic or more; bring a […]

Short Report from the AGM

Welcome to Adrian Capps who was elected as Chair of London Independent Photography for a term of two years. He plans to build on past successes to bring LIP into the centre of the photographic community in London.  By strengthening links amongst our membership and growing ties with other photographic institutions in the city, Adrian […]

28th October : LIP Annual General Meeting

2008 Annual General Meeting Tuesday 28 October from 7-9PM at Rudolf Steiner House 35 Park Road, NW1 6XT (click HERE for directions) This will certainly be an eventful AGM as Members will be invited to elect our new Chairman for LIP, among other open positions! The following positions require new and energetic volunteers from our […]