London Villages Project: December Update

The final months
The Project will end on 29th February 2012. We have 210 registered members and of these 74 are at various levels of engagement. This is very encouraging.

The next stage
Preparing for publication and exhibition will come early in the new year and specs for these will be published in February. There will be two more monthly meetings in January and February and possibly March.

Editing Workshops
The last two workshops in the ‘Editing your personal project’ series will take place in The Gallery at Linear House in Greenwich on 28th January and 25th February.

Presentations at the December meeting included:
Anita Strasser is climbing Royal Hill and making herself known to the shopkeepers, involving herself more with the motion of the shops in comparison with her Deptford High Street work.

Brenden Delaney has been working in Brixton and has created a fine portfolio. He feels, however, that it lacks both focus and points of departure so may narrow his focus towards Brixton Village commodification.

Eamonn Power‘s work focuses upon a small Lambeth neighbourhood and was prompted by the road death of a cyclist. The project emerging draws on emotion, utilising simple devices of street furniture, signage, road fabric, the heavy undertow of threat and the weight of absence.

Astrid Baerndal continues within a newly-established Buddhist community in south London, using metaphor for the spiritual focus of the members’ practice. The trust between photographer and the community is apparent.

Peter Luck returned with images from the point in Aldgate at which he had arrived at the November meetup. There were worrying signs of impressionistic early-morning haze intruding into one or two images but we’re sure this is simply a pre-Christmas excess.

Angela Inglis presented a series on the new Unison building on Euston Road at the entrance to Somers Town where her project is based. The building incorporates the restored Victorian Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital.

Keith Ellis returned with the street signs of Deptford to which he is currently adding a comprehensive written history. He has sufficient material to make a serious contribution to Deptford local history.

Margaret Mann was unable to be present but forwarded images from her personal project; A small selection illustrating a distinctive approach to her restaurant & food-creative subjects.

For more about the project see,
the image pool on flickr, or contact organiser John Levett