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It’s time for SPRING CRAWL!!! The big day is Saturday 9th May.

We meet and greet in a pub, have a beverage, write shooting ideas/themes/mini projects on bits of paper which are placed in a hat. A couple of those are then drawn and we go and shoot the said themes on the way to the next pub. This is then repeated several times until…. well, we’ll see what the day brings! (Possibly falling over) The resulting masterpieces are posted to our flickr group and hopefully shared at an upcoming meeting, too.

This will be quite a long walk and we’ll be seeing some of the prettiest and grittiest parts of east London. We’ll be ambling past, or through, for example the Hackney City Farm, Broadway Market and Regent’s Canal and the old Krays bros’ stomping ground! So plenty of photo opportunities along the way. There will also be lots of opportunities to have food.

Arrival times
1PM – The Florist – 255, Globe Rd, London, E2 0JD
3PM – The Nelson’s Head – 32, Horatio St, London, E2 7SB
5PM – The Cat and Mutton – 76, Broadway Market, London, E8 4QJ
6.30PM – The Palm Tree – Haverfield Road, Bow, London, E3 5BH
8PM ON – The George Tavern – 373 Commercial Road, London, E1 0LA

Click here for Locations MAP

The last stretch is rather long but the George is worth the hike (or bus ride)

So, arm yourself with a camera, A-Z (we’ll have prints of the route but it’s best to have your own map too), a couple of shooting ideas, sensible shoes and a less sensible mindset. General silliness is very highly encouraged. We’ll provide the hat, pens and paper.

Fingers crossed for sunshine!!! See you at the Florist!