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The next meeting will take place at 7 pm on Thursday 18 June a Photoworks Westminster (see for details). As usual we would like to see your work either as a developing idea, work in progress, a series of images, a book or whatever else you want to bring along!

A special thanks to Jen for last months meeting for the exquisite fibre-based black and white prints that she shared with us.

For our next meeting it was suggested that we set a small project. So 3-4 prints (preferably on paper please) that reflect some aspects of either (a) Water or (b) Signs. For those of you who have  a track record in photographing unusual signs then please choose the water option and those who have  presented ‘water’ then choose the sign option! Be imaginative. As usual no prizes other than some well-deserved kudos. Here’s a couple to kick things off!


The 2009 QP LIP annual exhibition will take place in September in The Gallery in Willesden Green Library Centre. It will be called ‘the Persistence of Vision” and will be inspired and influenced by cinematography. A separate topic area will be set up on the QP website for participants to discuss and help organise the event.

Congratulations to Ed Bowman who has had a piece selected for this year’s Royal Academy Summer show that runs from 8 June to 16 August. A date for your diaries.

The Photographers Gallery will present an exhibition by André Kertész from 17 July to 4 October. Considered one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century, Kertész was preoccupied with this black & white photography project for the duration of his career. The exhibition will feature a selection of the works, taken between 1915 and 1980, and the countries in which Kertész photographed.

I hope to see you at the June meeting!