Ours is an at home group. Although we have about 29 on the mailing list we rarely have more than seven to nine attend, which is just as well as we wouldn’t have time to see everything that members bring.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 1st July 2009, and last month, when we met, we looked at catalogues of current exhibitions. Those of Richard Long and the books ‘Utatane’ and Cui Cui by Rinko Kawauchi, the latter book is about her family photographed over a period of 15 years. We also discussed images brought and there seemed to be a great deal of digital problem solving.

Our members use film and or digital, they also range from those who are still studying at college as extra mural students and those who have completed their MA’s. It is a mixed group and all the more interesting for that as the range of subject matter is very wide.

New members are welcome to try us out, all details are on the website