Our February meeting will take place at 6.30 pm on TUESDAY 15 February at the the Gallery in Willesden Green Library Centre.

This is a change from our regular day as there will be an opening of “An Exhibition in Print” on Thursday 17th. This is a show consisting of a range of images from lithography, woodcuts and photos – virtually anything printed. Some of you who are BAR members may want to submit work for the show in which case you will need to hand in work either on Friday 11 February between 3 and 6 pm or the following day at the same time. If you are a member of BAR you can submit a maximum of 5 pieces at a cost of £6 each.

As ever please do bring along some work be it a completed project, work in progress or just some thing that you find interesting. Paper prints and electronic media welcome as we will have a laptop, projector and screen.

Our meetings are designed to bring together photographers with different levels of interests and expertise who are interested in developing their personal approach to photography and improving their skills.

We will aim to finish the meeting no later than 9.15 when those that want to continue discussion and debate retire to a local inn for refreshments.