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Greenwich Group June meetup

Pics from the meetup as follows … Cloisters: Gloucester Cathedral by Summeet Kaur Daisy by Alan Phinbow South Yorkshire Navigation Canal: Rotherham by Keith Ellis Frances and her grandmother, from ‘Somerville Sixteen 1963, portraits of a group of friends’a book by Jennifer Hurstfield and Kate Wentworth of portraits and interviews of a group of friends […]

Putney Group – Bridges theme and June Meeting

by Justin Welch by Ida Pap by Andrew Wilson by Leonard Caudrey For June’s theme, please visit, where you will see that they are celebrating the 25 anniversary of a project conducted in the 80’s, where people were encouraged to take pictures of their local areas. If you wish to take part, choose any […]

Constructed Realities flickr group pool

Constructed Realities is one of London Independent Photography’s satellite groups. It meets on a regular basis in central London. This flickr area enables the members of this group to share their images. Constructed Realities flickr group pool click here The term “constructed” refers to bodies of works of photography in which the motif or theme […]