We had a great meeting on the 21st – Andrew had retraced the steps of a photographer from July 1986, who had taken part in the Domesday Project of that year and photographed the River Thames near Kew. BBC decided this year to publicise the project and ask members of the public to update these images with one taken this year (see Andrew’s picture above). He discovered that the boat featured in the original 25 years ago was still running along the Thames, as he discovered in Barnes further on that very day.

Leonard Caudrey showed us some of his recent images from his trip to Israel, a lovely one of his cab driver and spot the guns just hanging in the shop by the mosque!

It was confirmed that we have some exhibition space booked at the Putney Library for early next year and also the offer of using space at the Putney School of Art and Design – these will be discussed at more length at our next meeting – possible themes etc. Another idea floated was for us to co-join with another art group in Putney to present a joint piece of work. More next month, but members were asked to go away and think about what might work best.

Our next meeting was set for Tuesday 23rd August at 7PM at 18 Dungarvan Avenue. The theme for this meeting will be The Putney Sculpture Trail. Members are invited to visit the trail and take as many pictures as they like for presentation next time.