Wow, has spring finally arrived – everything growing like mad, with blossom everywhere – fab.

March Meeting: Thanks to Lesley for hosting; the refreshments were of a particularly high standard (how does she know I can kill for After Eights) and clearly shows me how I need to sharpen my act.

The theme this month was a bit fiendish and asked for members to try and catch/depict something current/in the news in just one shot – not as easy as it seemed. The inspiration for this idea came from a blog I came across – 7 Photographs that show society’s debt to photography – and despite how hard it might have seemed I am grateful for everyone who entered into the spirit.

We discussed our exhibition options and the opportunity of displaying inside The Exchange in Putney seemed to be the most attractive option (The Putney Arts Centre, which although had good space, had fluctuating footfall for comparative money) and I was tasked with going away and seeing whether they had any space during the Wandsworth Arts Festival, as it would be good to tie in with this. An exhibition theme was discussed, at length, and a more open/lose title was decided upon – Portfolio15 – Perspectives. It was also floated as to whether anyone would mind us involving a local sponsor to try and cover some of the costs and there were no objections, as long as it was handled sensitively.

Our monthly theme was also a thing of much debate, with the consensus going with either ‘Incidental’ (coincidentally the fLIP quarterly theme) or if you wished ‘Fabrication’ or both. To echo some of the comment, it might be good to have one or two people take a crack at the fLIP theme and for someone from our group to actually appear in the magazine – not our decision of course but at least one has a huge advantage if you actually enter.

Our next meeting is set for 7pm Wednesday 24th April. Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible – All the best AW

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