September’s meeting revolved around both the importance of presentation and using less conventional media to ‘take’ photographs.

We debated whether or not we invest too much of our time either taking photographs or sitting in front of a PC adding layers, adjusting curves, dodging and burning and too little time in thinking about presentation. Currently, at least two of our members are investing time in frame-making to try to further ‘develop’ the character of their images. We’ve got one experienced frame-maker in our midst (Duncan Unsworth) and one, well, ‘newbie’ (Robert Davies). You can see both their work (pictures and frames that is) at the LIP Annual Exhibition.

We have a strong emerging flatbed scanner section too – using a scanner to take photographs with some interesting and rewarding results!

October’s meeting is going to take the form of a visit to the LIP Annual Exhibition on Sunday 27th October. After the exhibition we are planning either another exhibition visit or a short photographic excursion followed by the usual refreshments at a suitable pub. All LIP members are welcome, so if you’d like to join us, please contact Robert (see the satellite groups contact page).

Pen-y-Bryn - Robert Davies