Greenwich LIP Group November meetup

The session began with John Levett offering an update on the Elephant’s Journey project. This is a group project quite well known to the Greenwich Group and Crossing Lines but not to the rest of LIP. Space is limited so no resumé here but it does open a lot of avenues for thought of alternative non-commercial ways of engaging with a public and forming loose networks of associations of the like-minded from that public. Perhaps a fLIP article??

Chris Burke showed photos documenting the distressed state of Dover (an entire main street of decayed or closed shops) following the collapse of local employment. Not a shred of comfort here.

Chris Burke 01

Chris Burke 02


We cheered up again with a selection of landscape photos from Quentin Ball’s trip to Montana. It would be fair to say that he was a good deal more critical of his work than were his viewers.




Next meeting: 6.00pm Wednesday 16th December at Greenwich Gallery, Peyton Place, Royal Hill, SE10 8RS.

Peter Luck

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