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London Independent Photography’s Crouch End group’s annual exhibition opened last week in Hornsey Library’s spacious ‘The Original Gallery’ (Haringey Park N8 9JA). It comprises panels of photographs by some very accomplished photographers, beautifully displayed in this wonderfully lit gallery. Maggie Railton, from the group, shot the attached small panorama which gives a good idea of this space. The show runs until 6th March.

When we visited, Gordana Johnson was invigilating. She contributes a set from her ‘Londoners’ series and at least one of these photographs is, I think, as good as street photography can be. However, she does not regard herself as a ‘street photographer’, because as she says, “I draw inspiration not only from the street but also from a wide range of subjects and opportunities that the world around us provides.”

Nearby, Eugene McConville displays his stunning B&W ‘El Bolillo from Above’ with its black volcanic beach sand. EvaTurrell, organiser of the exhibition and leader of the Crouch End LIP group, also contributes a beautiful beach shot, in colour, ‘View Out 2015’.

Amanda Eatwell is “exploring age as a concept”: was there ever a lovelier portrait than her ‘Danny Blue’? Elizabeth Hay Brown’s ‘Shoe Stories’ are an unusual, whimsical colour series, still lifes of a sort. Chris Brock has made a series of portraits of artists in the Nordjylland region of Denmark, expressing his interest in, “light, the environment and the impact they have on the story of an image”, a statement which very much understates the compositional attraction of these photographs.

In London, we are spoilt with great exhibitions of the work of famous photographers. However, I am finding that at least as much, if not indeed more, interest and enjoyment can be had from exhibitions such as this one, by photographers who may never be included in the received histories of our medium, but who work unassumingly with passion, skill and originality.

~ Review by Mark Johnson (HPS)

The following pictures are from the private view held 17th February 2016 at The Original Gallery, Haringey Park N8 9JA, taken by Alex Turner and Eugene McConville.

private view 01

private view 1 2016

private view 02

private view 03

private view 04

private view 05

private view 06

private view 07

private view 08

private view 09

private view 10

private view 11

private view 2016

The Original Gallery

And some images from the exhibition:

Amanda Eatwell photo

Eugene McConville
Eugene McConville photo

Gordana Johnson photo

View In. Eva Turrell
Eva Turrell photo

Thank you to all involved: the exhibitors and the guests; Lant Street Wine; the library staff making sure that the gallery is clean and looks inviting.