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Central London Group May Meeting

Our May meeting had as its theme “tourist in town / stranger in town”; it was interesting that few of us cast ourselves as the tourists! Brendan identified himself as “a stranger at home” in Athens, which he has been visiting for over 15 years; Danilo photographed tourists doing the sights in famous tourist attractions; […]

Putney Group May Update

Matthew Taylor photo Our theme this month was ‘Barriers’ and more contributions can be seen below. For something new I invited a photographer Alastair Hilton to come and talk to us. Someone I have ‘met’ over social media, he is very popular with over 4,500 followers on Instagram. Alastair is extremely talented when it comes […]

Barnes Satellite Group May Update

The Barnes satellite group convened on Tuesday 24th May with lines/patterns as the theme of the meeting. Some of the photos were dramatic, some mesmerising, with some even bordering on the incredible. This was the fourth meeting of LIP’s newest satellite group and the standard of photography is already maturing to a considerable level, thanks […]

Crossing Lines Group May meeting

The May edition of Crossing Lines was a continuation of the previous month’s session headed by Gill Golding. We maintained our location at Greenwich Millennium Village but referenced the state of play regarding architecture and the modification of urban spaces in the late 19990’s, it’s central protagonist Richard Rogers and it’s freshly-minted Blairite sponsorship. John […]

Barnes Group April Update

LIP’s newest satellite group, based in Barnes, held their third meeting on Tuesday 26th April. There was a good attendance and the standard of photography has continued to improve. The theme for the month was Spring and the attendees’ photographs succeeded in capturing many of the inspiring floral and faunal aspects of the season. Of […]