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Central London Group July Meeting

Our July meeting had as its theme music or rhythm, which could be interpreted in any way people liked, from strictly literal to metaphorical. Angelika showed a very dreamy sequence of monochrome photographs of huge soapbells being blown outside Tate Modern: this had great rhythm. Simon had a minimalist chamber piece: “Ode to a Kitchen […]

Putney Group July Update

I hope you have been making the most of the great weather to be out using your cameras, I know I have. Started proceedings we discussed holding an exhibition in October and got an unanimous result in favour, so we are talking to The Exchange in Putney about securing some space. This exhibition will not […]

LIP Central Group June Meeting

Our meeting theme last month The Bigger Picture gave plenty of scope for interpretation. Working on a larger scale and manipulating digital composites are just two of the ways in which the bigger picture can be achieved. Photography is also often associated with moving in close with the camera so it was interesting to see […]