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Barnes Satellite Group October Meeting

Space and Time was the theme for the October meeting of the Barnes branch of LIP. As usual, members daringly took on the subject matter with often spectacular results. Our favourites of the evening included these: Mission Control by Paul Rawkins, a meditative piece in blue by one of our most consistent contributors Brompton Cemetery […]

Greenwich LIP Group October meeting

Stefan Lubomirski was warmly welcomed back after a few months absence and he surprised us with early photography from his youth. As one might expect of Stefan, his youth was unlike that of most of us. No back alleys and war damage from Stefan. No, Stefan started off with wild life photography in the natural […]

Crossing Lines October meeting

The October meet-up of The Crossing Lines Group at Goldsmiths was a strange affair. The evening began with a we-have-been-here-before failure to connect. Fortunately the failure was IT (and Levett’s failure to check it out earlier in the day) and the fortunate side of that was the foresight of Anita Strasser to carry her laptop […]

Central London Group September Meeting

Our September meeting had as its theme “Storytelling”, which could be interpreted as a series of photographs with an obvious narrative thread, various ways of editing to achieve a narrative or even a single image which tells a story. And the work that people showed did range from very literal interpretations of the theme: real […]

Barnes Group – September Report

The LIP satellite group in Barnes met up for September to share photos on the theme of ‘Light and Dark’. As ever, the standard of photography was very high and, with each meeting, it seems that the bar is being set ever higher. Our favourites of the evening included these: Canal Tunnel by Paul Rawkins, […]