The LIP satellite group in Barnes met up for September to share photos on the theme of ‘Light and Dark’. As ever, the standard of photography was very high and, with each meeting, it seems that the bar is being set ever higher.

Our favourites of the evening included these:

Canal Tunnel by Paul Rawkins, draws the viewer into the distance with the light at the end of the tunnel

Zoroaster’s Flame by Darius Nikbin, shows a gathering of people in reflection at a Zoroastrian fire temple

Twin Shards, a ‘trademark’ Alastair Wilson-Clarke image, showing the Shard and its reflection being seemingly overshadowed by other buildings

Ascension by Andrew Rapley, our overall favourite of the evening.

The group is meeting again on 25th October with the theme ‘Space and Time’. If you’re interested in joining us, please email Darius Nikbin on