The Barnes satellite group met on 29th November to share photos on the theme of portrait/landscape. As usual, the standard of photography was excellent and the group is taking strides towards exhibiting for the first-time in the local area. Our favourites included:

Enough by Paul Rawkins, a unique portrait by perhaps the group’s most consistent contributor

Tranquility by Jacqueline Pitfield, depicting Egyptian geese in the natural environment

Grandson by Alastair Wilson-Clarke, a portrait of childhood wonder

Above the Bay by Martin Conway, a scenic portrait presented in absentia

Boat Crew by Matthew Taylor, showing a boating team facing an uphill struggle

Integrity by Darius Nikbin, a portrait of his father

Barkode by Philip Timms, taken in the forests of Yosemite

and finally, our overall favourite of the evening, Pathway by Andrew Rapley, another example of his superlative landscape photography.

The Barnes group is next meeting on Tuesday 13th December, if you are interested in joining, please email Darius on