We started the meeting by congratulating Tammy on her cover story and feature all about photographing flowers in this month’s Outdoor Photography magazine. It’s a brilliant piece and not only highlights just how good a photographer she is but also how good a writer she is.

We then proceeded to roll through a mixture of pictures and videos I had researched online:

Some clever street food photography via the BBC – they regularly run themes that anyone can join in and it’s well worth checking out.

This month’s Travel Show from the BBC news channel contained an inspiring piece on one man’s delight in photographing the Lake District (from 16.30 minutes into the show).

The Magnum photographic agency started life 70 years ago this month.

James and myself visited the Lens Show, where I met a Canon Ambassador, Simeon Quarrie, who has a YouTube channel where he regularly posts interesting stuff – here he talks about choosing the right lens.

We then moved onto this month’s theme of ‘floral’ and as an accompanying piece to Tammy’s feature, here someone working with WEX Photographic underlines many of the things that Tammy advises to do.

This month’s theme turned out to be much more than I expected, with some really inspirational picture taking – again, Juliette stood out for her blossom shot but my vote this month goes to Mira for her truly inspired picture, where she went out to try and emulate a Van Gogh master and for my money nailing it (to help I have combined the two for you all to gauge for yourself). I would also like to mention Leonard, whose picture displayed much originality. Well done everyone – great fun I hope.

Mira Joshi

Bill Christie

Andrew Wilson

Graham Land

James Kirkland

John Kelly

Juliette Wiles

Martin Conway

Monireh Jassat

Sarah Moore

Tim Poole

Julian Newton

Leonard Caudrey

Before closing, we agreed that next month’s theme would be ‘transport’ and let’s hope that some of this month’s picture taking inspires us to think outside the box?

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 20th June at 7.30pm.