LIP Greenwich July 2018 Meeting

Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux

Barry Cole

Dmitri Stepanenko

Quite a lot this time, starting with the return of Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux who had found a subject from a beach on Crete: the many spectacular shapes of wind-whipped water breaking over the square end of a short breakwater. An object lesson in how to let a subject arise from leisurely attention.

Dmitri Stepanenko followed with a project shot in Japan in March of this year, blossom time and also the time of graduation ceremonies when kimonos are worn. Working out from these observations Dmitri had taken in urban landscapes, and street photography both day and night. Strong colour throughout. An impressive set and he had published most of them in a zine.

Judy Harrington made her first presentation to the group, a loose selection of photos taken around London railways, working outward from the great Victorian termini, through Victorian engineering of the viaducts to the businesses, now threatened, lodged in their arches and the graffiti decoration (and information – otters in Lewisham?). There’s a potential life-work in here.

Short presentations followed. Barry Cole showed a very varied sequence of images taken in one walk in London’s west end, starting from an exhibition at Somerset House. Tony Othen followed with a set of prints: portraits of Ted Hughes taken in 1982 and yet to be published. Hughes has rarely, if ever, been photographed smiling or horsing about – until these. We closed with browsing books from Tony’s collection: Mark Edwards’ Hard Rain and two sets of the work of Jane Bown.

Peter Luck

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