John Kelly

Andrew Rapley

Alasdair Saunders

Andrew Wilson

Our stand

After a look at some photographs from the internet, we discussed our annual exhibition, which had just been held over the previous weekend – overall a huge success, lots of sales (with almost everyone selling something) and the new design for the stand working well (see photo). It was just a shame that we had some issues with The Exchange, the ramifications of which are still reverberating. Martin made a good suggestion, that the biog that were used within the show leaflet should be placed next to each exhibitor (for next time).
We then moved onto our theme for the month ‘sequence’. This is a little awkward to represent in the minutes, as in a lot of cases, several pictures need to be viewed, however, for brevity, we picked a few. Again, a great showing, however, going by the howls of delight present in the room at the time, John’s amazing picture was the stand out shot, well done!
 Our theme for next time is ‘texture’ and I look forward to seeing everyone. Andrew Wilson