Juliette Wiles

Tammy Marlar

Bill Christie

Bergina Leka

Andrew Wilson

Apologies again for getting the New Year off to a delayed start (again apologies for last week) but boy did we still get a great turn out, 18 in all, and that after 2 late withdrawals due to illness and 2 no shows – thank goodness for that,  as it might have been the floor for some, although we did have two vacant seats (admittedly one right at the front and the other, well not sure where that would have gone) – more on this later.
I started proceedings by mentioning and passing around the latest flIP magazine, which featured no less than 3 pictures from Bill, so well done to him. Well done to the new editor, Amanda, who to my mind has transformed the magazine

 I then shared my choice of things I’ve seen recently online.

We then moved onto our theme of the month, which was Textures and thank you to everyone for getting stuck in; the sheer number of ideas on show was amazing. If I had to pick a stand-out shot my personal favourite would be Juliette’s leaves, which was simply breath-taking but there were many others, Tammy, Bill and Bergina’s for instance were all very strong.

 My idea for a theme for next time was given the thumbs up and ‘Forgotten Things’ it is.
Thank you to Martin for turning up with some copies of the papers that will be presented this Saturday at the LIP AGM, which I can’t make (prior engagement), very helpful plus a copy of the page from the latest flIP with upcoming exhibitions from members.

Thank you again to everyone and I look forward to seeing you all next month – meeting date Tuesday 19th at 7.30. Andrew Wilson