Susan White

Tim Poole

Alastair Clarke Wilson

Andrew Rapley

John Kelly

Bill Christie

Nigel Attenborough

Andrew Wilson

I started this month’s meeting with a discussion over space at my home, as we are getting to the point where I can’t fit everyone in. We are currently reviewing two options, with the imperative that we try and avoid any cost (other than buying the odd drink) – the current choice is The Prince of Wales in Putney (not great for either Katie or Leonard as on the 1st Floor) and the Coach & Horses in Barnes, which is a bigger room and on the ground floor. I have been t both and I am awaiting a response from the Coach & Horses and will report once I hear back from them. Obviously one would favour Putney people and the other Barnes, which is not great but let’s see what happens.
I presented my usual round up of items from the internet .
We then moved onto this month’s theme, which was ‘forgotten things’ – from a great variety on show, my personal favourites were Nigel’s car from the desert and James old pictures that he had forgotten about. The theme next month, as voted on, is ‘Queue or Queue’s’.
 Our next meeting will be on 19th March and will be held here but hopefully a decision can be reached then on what we do in the future. I have persuaded Nigel to come along and show us some of his favourite pictures from his recent trip to Namibia, so it should be fun.
 Enjoy the rest of the fine weather, it all comes to end Thursday I understand – all the best AW