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LIP Film and Darkroom Group May 2019 Meeting

This month’s meeting continued to surprise us all, with the sheer variety of formats, processes and subject matter that our members are drawn to. Ian Turnbull began by showing us a very unusual camera he’d kindly brought in – a Widelux F7, which uses a 26mm lens focussing through a horizontally moving vertical slit, to […]

LIP Greenwich April 2019 Meeting

After the March meeting we had hoped Jon Davies would bring his Pollution project back for closer examination. This he did, showing some of the single images which he had used in making the composites seen last time (and again this time). These singles bore statistics on particulate concentrations at their locations. The figures came […]

LIP Putney April 2019 Meeting

It was good to see so many members at the meeting and it very much underlined why we need to find a new venue, about which more later.  We started this month’s meeting with a look at a project of Ann’s, where she gave us an intimate look at a trip she made a few […]

Central London Group April Meeting

The subject for our April meeting was Suburbia. The images on display showed that suburbia is not necessarily conservative or conformist (although it can appear that way with rows of similar houses and identikit streets). As well as the parks and stolid Victorian villas are gardens with mazes, still lives of random domestic objects and […]