Sue White

Nigel Attenborough

Heather Wansborough-Jones

It was good to see so many members at the meeting and it very much underlined why we need to find a new venue, about which more later.
 We started this month’s meeting with a look at a project of Ann’s, where she gave us an intimate look at a trip she made a few months back with a charity she knows to a refugee camp in Greece. Very moving, with some lovely photographs, it is clearly something that has touched her and she continues to support the charity’s work since returning. Thank you for coming and sharing this with us Ann, I think we were all affected by what you presented.
 I then moved onto news re my search for a new venue, which has stalled somewhat – Martin kindly said he would re-approach The Coach and Horse’s for us and since last week I have written to The Putney School of Art to see if they might be able to help us. I shall keep everyone posted if any progress is made.
 I present some things that I have found on the internet over the past month.
We then moved onto our theme of the month, The River; taking my inspiration from the rowing events that happen around here at this time of year it was interesting to note that not everyone took my bait. Stand out’s for me this month would be Sue’s boats, Nigel’s Thames Barrier and Heather’s bridge. It was also good to note that most people took new pictures and didn’t rely entirely on their archives. Not a stipulation by any means, I think it encourages better comment etc. if we do try and bring new stuff to each meeting.
 As our meeting was moved this month, it gave me the opportunity to visit another LIP group, Crouch End, and I was struck by how much experimenting their members get into, with many presenting what they are doing, some of which were clearly a work in progress (and no less engrossing for that) and I felt it would be a great idea if we were to try something similar, so our theme for May will be ‘Experimentation’ and I look forward to seeing what people get up too.  
Our meeting will be at my home on 21st May unless otherwise advised and I look forward to seeing you all then Andrew Wilson.