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6th meeting held 
6.30 – 8.30pm 3 June 2019

This month we welcomed two new members to the group.

Firstly, Tony Marlow, who introduced us to the concept of the United Postal Photographic Club, in which he is a regular participant. Tony favours the single print rather than series, and works mostly in landscapes. Spin offs from viewing the prints he had brought along included a discussion on selenium toning, Ademco dry mount presses and the appearance of pin holes in the emulsion of HP5+ negatives when using certain developers.

Regular contributor Sam Tanner then showed us further large (20” x 16”) prints from his ongoing street based explorations.

Ted Kinsey updated us on the results of his research into finding a darkroom to use for the proposed group printing sessions, and there was further discussion on the annual exhibition seminar.

Colleen Harvey-Rowe had generously brought along a light box and, following on from last month’s meeting, we were able to look at members’ negatives and suggest simple ways of achieving the kind of density that helps ensure straightforward printing. This in turn developed (pun intended) into further discussion on the use of highly dilute developers with reduced agitation as a means to controlling highlight development, and also the use of 2-bath print development.

Steve Jones offered lots of information on the availability and use of infra-red film and also mentioned that he has a digital infra-red camera.

Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury then showed us digital prints from her recent commission to photograph Norman Ackroyd. This gave us an interesting comparison to the otherwise exclusively analogue material we had been looking at.

We look forward to our second new member, Suzanne Sullivan, showing us some of her work at the next meeting, which is on Wednesday 3rd July at 6.30pm. Anyone interested in coming along is asked to contact Ted Kinsey at Roberto Arendse