John Kelly

Tim Poole

Sue White

Sue Lorimer

Good to see everyone at our second meeting at The Coach & Horses, which I think is going to turn out to be a fine venue. Sorry about the sound, I will check on that, as there surely should be some.
 I started the meeting by reminding everyone that there’s still a couple of weeks left to enter the LIP annual exhibition, cut off Aug 2.
 I again thanked John and Monireh for having organised such a great walk around Peckham a couple of weeks ago and I reminded everyone that some years ago John created a  LIP Putney Flickr group and if you go there you can view some of pictures from the day… – now that you have found the site, how about loading up some pictures of your own – can be anything.
We viewed a couple of things I have found on the internet before moving onto our theme of the month, links, and such a lot of pictures to admire. I loved Tim’s series of crane shots and John’s composite was great but for me I think it’s a draw of the two Sue’s, who submitted very similar pictures and really nicely they are done too.
 We don’t have an official meeting in August and our next meeting will be on Tuesday 17th September at the Coach & Horses. However, Martin wanted to let everyone know that on 20th August (our meeting date had their been one) he will be at The Coach & Horses and anyone is invited to join him for a drink. My apologies in advance but I’ll be away.
 The theme for September from several put forward will be ‘conflict’.
 Enjoy the summer – cheers Andrew Wilson