Third meeting of the group was held on Thursday 25 July 2019 at the Art Workers’ Guild, WC1

Sabes opened the meeting with a welcome and introductions among the 9 people present and then restated the purpose of the group

“the purpose of the group is to look at, share, and discuss texts that accompany and enhance photographs – and vice versa.
‘Accompany’ can be taken to mean many things: words that appear within the frame, along with photographs with equal weight as the photograph, captions and well considered artist statements.”

We shared five presentations:

Hady Bayoumi, Autumn Leaves. Hady presented his multimedia slideshow – familiar to members of the Central satellite group – meditating on ageing and mutability. It features his own reading of Mikha’il Na’ima’s poem of the same title in the original Arabic with images of autumn trees and leaves in states of deterioration.

Quentin, Across Roads. Quentin showed images from his long term project documenting the US roads which cross the Continental Divide and asked the group for suggestions of how best to annotate the images. Among the proposed strategies, reference was made to Zoe Childerley’s work []

Paul Cabuts, Elvis Died In My Bedroom. Mo Greig shared Paul’s short film, now unavailable, on the subject of television and terraced houses in Wales. Very funny.

Tina, Go Ahead and Shoot Him, The Devil. Tina presented large prints of images from the family farm in Slovenia which is falling into disrepair. Titles for the images come from her father’s diary written in the same buildings through WW2 and the post-war genocide in Slovenia.

Brendan Delaney. Brendan displayed his prototype book dummy from his long-term project of observational tri-x analogue prints and haiku from New York City.

The next meeting will be on Monday 23 September at 7pm. Meetings will be held on the 4th week of the month alternating between a Thursday and another day in order to enable people with fixed commitments to attend. We are looking for suggestions for speakers and for visual and poetry speakers to interact with. Mal Woolford