Juliette Wiles

John Kelly

Ann Ulrick

Good to see everyone after the summer break and what a lovely week its just been; however, no excuse today over the minutes as no sunshine to entice me out with my camera. 

I started the meeting with a look at some award winning pictures ‘30 award-winning nature photos that will make you fall in love with the world’
I gave news of forthcoming exhibitions, ours and LIP’s 31st Annual. Congratulations to Bill for having two of his shots picked by LIP. As for ours, I am in communication with The Exchange in Putney and I understand they have moved on the responsibility of bookings etc. to an outside company, which will probably mean it will be harder to secure a discount on account of our status but more on this as I talk to them.

We then moved onto our theme for the period, conflict. I liked the way people approached this, especially those going for a more creative approach, with Juliette’s the stand out for me, with an honourable mention going to John for the picture he took in Afghanistan some years ago and Ann, a picture she took recently at the Jewish memorial in Berlin; both pictures are very powerful and carry such a strong anti-conflict message!

Thank you everyone for getting involved and our theme for next time will be ‘Quirky’ which again should get our minds working. Our next meeting will be Tuesday 15th October – see you all then – cheers AW