Suzanne Sullivan

Peter Luck

Steve Jones

Hamish Stewart

The group met in room 255 of the main building at Goldsmiths, which will be our home at least until next summer. Some familiar faces, some new.

After a brief introduction to the group from Peter Luck and each member introducing themselves, the meeting got down to commenting on photos. Suzanne Sullivan told how she had begun with the intention of recording social housing in London but had found herself homing in on the architecture as such. She showed fine images of both the Lubetkin designed estates in Finsbury and Le Corbusier’s Marseille Unité d’ Habitation.

Peter Luck followed with a recent set of photos of Margate, taken in the not-very-serious context of a group trip to the seaside but with an intent to investigate the condition of the town, the survival of a key institution of its early history (the Royal Sea Bathing Hospital – now apartments), the continuing traditional seaside fun and evidences of decline and decay. A further visit in search of the evidences of regeneration is called for.

Steve Jones showed the photo sequence, made for his MA at Goldsmiths, tracing the changing character of the A2, a Roman road, from Dartford in to London as far as the Bricklayers’ Arms on the Old Kent Road.

Lastly Hamish Stewart also showed work on journeys but varied in location (Australian wilderness, London streets, the River Lea) and mode of transport: car, bus, foot. This and Steve’s work led to a discussion on the ways of sequencing such streams of images: natural or intuitive response, or under the control of an organising concept.

The meeting rounded off with a brief discussion of the potential for occasional group projects and guest speakers. We reached no conclusion other than an expression of some enthusiasm for both. To be continued.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 4th December 2019. Anyone wanting to show work should contact Peter Luck in advance of the meeting. Peter Luck