LIP Putney November 2019 meeting

John Kelly

Julian Newton

Susan Lorimer

Juliette Wiles

Andrew Wilson

Good to see everyone last Tuesday and we finally have sound, yay!
I started the meeting by showing an AV that our eldest member, Leonard, had kindly shared with us. Leonard has a particular skill with this kind of thing and for this he had cleverly matched together a selection of photographs he had taken of objects by the artist Miro (both paintings and sculptures) to the music of Mozart and very impressive it was.  Leonard is nearly 92 and it is astonishing what he can do when in front of a computer – all self-taught I think.
We then moved onto the theme of the evening, which was given to us by Juliette and based around the title graphics from the recent Rugby World Cup and asked us to come up with a series of pictures where the space between objects was as important as the objects themselves (Ma). Another cracking selection of images from everyone, with John’s being universally liked for its humour. I personally thought that Julian’s was an excellent image, with a clever use of cropping but my favourite would have to be Susan’s, which I found wonderful and just the incentive I needed to actually visit this viaduct down in Sussex!
We then discussed what our next theme should be and the vote was for ‘Christmas’ – simple!
 Our next meeting will be January 21st (2020 crikey!), as we don’t have a meeting in December, although Martin is organising a drinks do for those that would like to get together (more on that to come).
 Thanks again for all your participation throughout 2019 and do please pop along to our annual exhibition on at The Exchange in Putney this weekend and support those taking part – all the best. Andrew Wilson

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