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Photo and Text Group January 2020 meeting

Another enjoyable a productive evening of the Photo and Text group on 27 January 2020. Frankie Mc Allister presented prints and texts for a book of her latest project ‘Double Way Mirror’ exploring barriers and obstacles. An inspirational personal project that resonates with many people’s experience of facing and challenging barriers. Beautiful black and white […]

LIP Putney and Barnes January 2020 Meeting

 It was good to see everyone and I was glad to hear everyone enjoyed themselves over the Christmas and New Year period.  Having welcomed in the New Year I started proceedings with a look at some photography from north of the border ‘some winter walks’– some great stuff here.   I then took the opportunity […]

LIP Greenwich January 2020 Meeting

We began with a theme: public art – and immediately stretched the bounds with Judy Harrington’s photos of shapes made in the sky by a murmuration of starlings. Then the principal presentation: Carol Kenna’s account of the genesis and restoration of a 100-yard long mosaic-covered, mural-illustrated, wavy bench in Charlton. The original had been designed […]

Film and Darkroom Group January 2020 meeting

We were treated to an extensive viewing of work in progress by Tim Butcher at this meeting. His ongoing ‘precarious work’ project combines interviews and photographic portraits which are co-curated with their subjects and forms part of a university research project. Various spin-off discussions were begun, such as GDPR and ethics, as well as more […]

Crossing Lines December 2019 meeting

We began with an attempt at illustrating the progress towards the destruction of Robin Hood Gardens, a project which has intermittently absorbed Peter Luck since taking part in related Transition Group exhibitions in 2015 and 2016. Some discussion ensued on both the vexed question of changes in tenure (social rent vs market – from the […]